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Why should you join Trailblazers?

Well, that depends on what you like to do.

If you like sitting in front of the TV, save your money. But if you want to do fun and adventurous things, keep reading.

In the last year, we've hosted trips to the Florida Keys, Savannah GA, and the GA mountains to view the fall foliage.  A bunch of us also went to Peru for 10 fabulous days. We've also had several camping trips at nearby state parks.

Our local activities included bicycling, kayaking and canoeing, snorkeling, bowling, swimming, boating, wake boarding, dancing, attending movies and plays, dinners, murder mysteries, trips to the zoo, Bunco, and game nights, just to name a few.

We also have major parties for New Years Eve and Halloween. We also have an annual July 4th picnic.


If any of this sounds interesting, then jump on the bandwagon and join the club. For $35 a year if paying by check or cash, $36.75 if paying by Paypal. you can't go wrong.

Download application to print and mail

Because of some of the activities we do — white water rafting, scuba diving, horseback riding, cycling, canoeing, hiking, etc. — and the element of risks associated with them, we ask members to furnish the name and telephone number of a person to contact in case of an emergency. This information is confidential and would only be used in the event of an emergency.

The undersigned acknowledges any risks undertaken when involved in any TRAILBLAZERS, Inc. event or activity and shall not hold “TRAILBLAZERS, AN ADVENTUROUS OUTING CLUB FOR SINGLES, INC.”, its officers or event sponsors, responsible for any physical or financial damages he/she may suffer while participating in club activities. I understand that the Trailblazers Singles Club does not screen club members nor guests and that neither the Board of Directors nor the Club is to be held responsible for any actions of any person(s) involved with club activities. Completion and submission of this form grants your acceptance of these terms.

Annual Trailblazers Membership

Benefits of being a Trailblazer

A weekly newsletter and calendar to your email!

A fun group of people to go out and have fun with. 

You get to go on overnight events!! (These are always limited to members only.)

And perhaps the biggest benefit - by being an active Trailblazer, you get to meet and become friends with some of the greatest people in the state.

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