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To see a calendar of our events go to this link:   

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Full details and contact information are provided to our members via our weekly email.

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Welcome to Trailblazers. . .

In September 2014, Trailblazers celebrated 25 years in Brevard County as an adventurous outing club for active singles.  Because we are a large group, we can get discounts on our trips, which make them reasonable in costs. This is a list of some of the many activities we enjoy throughout the year. 


Our annual trip to the Florida Keys Memorial Day Weekend is one of our biggest and most popular. We arrive in Marathon on Thursday and stay until Tuesday morning.  One hundred Trailblazers take over the entire complex of Coco Plum.  We play tennis, kayak, snorkel, scuba dive, swim in the pool or relax in the hot tub. There are a couple of nights we go out to dinner. Friday night is a potluck dinner and a planned meal on Sunday night. All this takes place on the outside patio. Also, there's dancing into the wee hours every night. One morning is scheduled for going to Key West and biking around the island. That afternoon many of the members stay for sunset at Mallory Square and to watch the street performers and then party in Key West. Another morning we head out for a walk or bike ride on the 7-mile bridge followed by a gathering at the "No Name" bar.  Time spent in the Keys is full of sun and fun.

Other weekend trips include

Savannah, Georgia in December and Sunfest in West Palm Beach in May.  There have been boat trips to Blue Springs. We have gone to Lake Louisa to stay in cabins for two nights. There was canoeing, kayaking, biking and hiking. The cost for this trip was just $45 for the two nights and dinner was served one night.  We go camping at State Parks several times during the cooler months where we bike ride, kayak and canoe. We usually go for viewing of the fall leaves in October at varying locations north of us.


These are just a few of the many trips that happen throughout the year.  A member can come up with something they want to do, then put it on the calendar and have other Trailblazers join them. Examples of these activities are:  bowling the first Sunday of the month; golfing during the summer months; Manatees baseball games; volleyball and have had our own softball team, fast walking across and back the Melbourne Causeway, yoga classes, bonfires, house parties, movies, and more. There are several kayaking trips planned in the year and nightclubs where we meet each week to dance and party. We have had events that include going to the King Center for a show and day trips to Wet and Wild as well as Disney, Universal and MGM. 
The club also hosts a picnic on the 4th of July, Christmas party and
New Years Eve party

Trailblazers, is a group where singles from around the United States meet to enjoy the life that Florida has to offer.   

Go to  "Join Now"  and become a member today.

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It was "Quest for Fire" all over again at Hightower Beach Bonfire. The Trailblazer Cavemen and Cavewomen were restless and ravenous... eating pig and beef. They gesticulated and communicated through hoots and grunts whilst dancing euphorically around the fire. It was Utopia 20,000 B.C. No Internet, no phones....just each other. The surf, with its incessant eternal moans, played background music to the human folly displayed on the ancient beach. Acoustic guitar music, echoing The Eagles, Donovan, Neil Young, Beatles and Richie Havens, falsely lulled the Cave People in to believing they even mattered. Mars, Jupiter, and Venus brooded conspiratorially over us winking occasionally. I winked back. The darkness enveloped us. In to the yawning chasm of the Black Infinite our voices carried away our hopes and dreams....but no matter...we lived that night. Thank you for coming everybody. Marv played Harmonica. Alexandra sang with me and held the flashlight so I could read the music. Bill Pons grilled the nights' hunted flesh. The Sambucca was passed around. We were ravenous no more. And the sated Tribe moved on to other grounds.
Friday Night at Grills Riverside was enchanting. After a delightful Seafood Dinner with each other we danced to the Band and drank tasty cocktails. The night was balmy and the palm trees sang tropical tunes. I was glad to see so many familiar faces. Thank you Margaret and Bob for hosting the night. It was a memorable evening indeed.

This Saturday is Cinco de Mayo!! The Trailblazer Meeting will be such a theme in honor of our friends south of the border. BT's Bistro will probably make some baked Chicken Enchiladas. The Lottery is up to $225. The excitement surges for The Keys. The Tribe moves on to new hunting grounds.
Thank you Marv and Sue for taking great photos at the latest events and uploading them to Shutterfly. Documenting our activities is important to all of us.
See you out there.

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     I suppose that as de facto President of an outgoing upbeat Club I should shy away from somber narratives but when we lose ANY member to the untimely whims of fate I do become sad....for the untimely loss of Joan Ricciardi of Suntree. I will miss her immensely for sure. I am definitely sad. I am not going to lose faith. It was just a few months ago we were having Martinis and dancing. Carpe Diem is the mantra of being here now.....and this Club. Her eggplant parmagiana was one of the best I have ever had and I lived in Rome for 4 years. She brought real food to meetings and functions which speaks volumes of her caring. Her attitude was inclusive and hopeful. She was an excellent Trailblazer. She will forever be a part of the landscape of our community whether earthbound or not. Goodbye Joan. As for the rest of you please take care and appreciate the fact that y'all mean a lot to us and please return the empathy to those around you and always extend that helping hand to your community.....whether it's us or not.
     I think I'll be scheduling a Long Point Park Campout the first weekend of November (not October)....4th-6th. The SECOND weekend will be our Membership Meeting at the usual place. The details will follow. I went to the Park last weekend and had the Ranger print out the available sites which you need to prepay directly to him and plan for it soon. The Ranger highly encouraged November because it's cooler, less bugs, clearer skies, meteor showers, and far more comfortable for camping. He sold me. A little whiskey, blazing fire under the celestial symphony, and good company.... the elements become tolerable. On Saturday of that weekend we'll have a bonfire and the Board will provide some finger food to the best of our ability...i.e. hot dogs, buns, and bring a side dish to share....some real food please.
Take care. Please renew soon.
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