About Our Outing Club for Singles

Trailblazers – An Adventurous Outing Club for Singles, Inc. was founded as a result of copy_of_img_4213_20090403_1165499651unmarried people looking for a singles social group that was involved in a variety of fun activities. Most of our members live in East Central Florida. Trailblazers Inc. provides a wide range of activities for single adults as well as opportunities to meet new friends. The club was not formed as, and is NOT, a dating service. Membership is open to all single persons (unmarried, divorced, widowed or separated) age twenty-one years and older, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national/ethnic origin and who are interested in furthering the purpose of the Corporation.       Trailblazers Inc. has no political or religious orientations. We are a not-for-profit organization that is member run and propelled by member involvement at member sponsored events and monthly meetings. Meetings are generally held the first Saturday of the month. Non-members are always welcome at the monthly meetings.

If you’ve never been a Trailblazer member, you are welcome to attend a couple of events to check us out.  After this introductory period, membership is required to continue to participate in our events.  However, all overnight events require membership, whether during the introductory period or not.

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